byf: i'm 22, my pronouns are she/her, i'm okay with being called babe, bestie, etc., my languages are german and english, i use both on my account, i tweet about everything on my accountdni: basic dni criteriaplease be active on my account and feel free to dm me any time 🫶🏻


romance novels, coffee, darvey, rainy weather, black tea, age gap trope, boba, pretty skies, pasta, kfc potato n gravy, magnum pi and miggy, sushi, sarah rafferty, sophia bush, booktube, really manly smell, country music, cats, fresh sheets and shaved legs, judecardan, suits the tv show, cold water, gretaduncan, nail polish, hannahgarrett, bookshelves, long walks in nature, raisy, white clothes, starbucks hazelnut iced coffee, bookstore dates
jokes about people no matter if they're a minority or majority, short minded people, loud music, colleen hoover books, cheese, alcohol, slut shaming, bullying and hate, people who don't accept autism and mental illnesses, spicy food